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Short Sale Packages

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You may have done everything right, but in today’s housing market it’s becoming more and more common for responsible homeowners to find themselves with an unaffordable mortgage. If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure and doesn’t know what to do, a short sale will help them to lessen the damage to their credit. Moreover, through the recently revised Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program, or H.A.F.A., you may be eligible for a $3,000 incentive by pursuing a short sale, a dignified foreclosure alternative.

Adams & Associates, P.A. processes and negotiates short sales with the purpose of helping homeowners who are struggling with their mortgage payments. We provide you with the information, guidance, and the actual painstaking work that is required to facilitate the short sale of your property. Our website contains all the documents/information you need. Simply click on the tab in the short sale section of our website. You will access your entire short sale package here. Once you have the necessary documents to start the process, you can e-mail them to lawyers@richardadamslaw.com or send them via facsimile to (305) 824-3868.

We have also created Short Sale Packages for Realtors that contain the checklist of required documents and other information necessary to submit a Short Sale package on behalf of your homeowner.

Various Short Sale Packages for Realtors

All Florida Realtors please click here
Berkshire Hathaway Realtors please click here
All Prudential Florida Realtors please click here.
All RESF Realtors please click here.
All JFA Realtors please click here.

Once you and your homeowner have completed the necessary documents, please email them to lawyers@richardadamslaw.com or send them via fax to (305) 824-3868.

Once we receive the package, we will underwrite it within 48 hours, before sending it to the Lender to make sure that the hardship is stated correctly and that the entire file makes financial sense to the lender’s investors. We will then assign your file to one of our internal processors who will take care of submitting, processing and negotiating your file with your lender. You will receive weekly e-mail updates from your assigned processor letting you know the week’s activity on your file. Your processor, as well as the attorney assigned to your short sale, is also available by cell phone.

As you may know, our service does not require any up front fees, nor is there any charge to the seller, buyer or realtors. We negotiate our fees with the lender and it is up to them to approve them and pay them at closing. We do not take anything from your realtor’s commission. Also, if the deal does not close, there is absolutely no charge to seller or seller’s agent.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and hope our service is beneficial to you and your client, and that you take advantage of the opportunity to increase your sales. It is our goal to keep you up to date with the latest activity on your file so that you maintain a good buyer retention ratio on your files. We look forward to working with you. Please call us if you are an interested seller, seller’s realtor or buyer. The consultation is free.


Short Sale Package (All Florida Realtors)

Short Sale Package (Berkshire Hathaway Realtors)

Short Sale Package (Xtreme Realty Team)

Short Sale Package (Prudential Florida Realtors Only)

Short Sale Package (RESF Realtors Only)

Short Sale Package (JFA Realtors Only)

Benefits of a Short Sale v. Foreclosure

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